The Reign Of Egregor Ransomware

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As the internet has made our life convenient and making us believe that we can trust them, are we actually safe while browsing the internet? Well, some people will agree & some will be contradicting but the question will still remain in doubt. Well, today I’m going to narrate about one of the latest ransomware ‘Egregor’, is it a success for the intruders or not?

Egregor ransomware first emerged in September which has targeted several high-profile organizations in a short period of time. This ransomware has also attacked multiple industries and has proven itself as a premium in the ransomware family.

Recently, the group has hit Kmart & shut down the retailer’s access to some back-end systems.

Taking a quick look at how this ransomware has affected the cyber industry,

  • In a very short span of time, the ransomware group has already attacked nearly 71 victims that though in 19 different industries worldwide. The main motive behind this group attack is capital gains by harassing about leaking the data if the ransom is not paid.
  • So far the group attacked well-known organizations like Randstad NV, Translink, Barnes & Noble, Ubisoft, Crytek & Cencosud, and their primary target sectors include manufacturing, transportation, IT & retail.
  • Of the first 69 aimed organizations, 32 victims were from the U.S., 7 were from France & Italy, 6 were from Germany & 4 from the U.K. Other victims were from APAC, the Middle East & Latin America.
  • Since the ransomware is new it hasn’t been confirmed yet that how its operators compromise the victim networks. However, experts are telling the initiation of the thread begun via email phishing.
  • Talking about the malware, it is coded heavily with possessing sophisticated technical capabilities to keep its identity secure.

In the conclusion of ransomware by looking at the sophistication of attacks, it could be said that the group has invested a lot of resources & time to develop its thread. Thus, experts suggest proactively taking backup of important data, updating software and operating systems to the latest patches & providing training to employees to identify phishing emails.

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