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todayAugust 20, 2020

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Data Breach 7 Defence

Experian South Africa Suffers a large Data Breach Affecting Millions

The South African largest credit check company Experian yesterday announced a data breach incident that exposed personal information of millions of its customers. While Experian itself didn’t mention the number of affect customers, in a report, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre—an anti-fraud and banking non-profit organization who worked with Experian to ...

todayJuly 27, 2020

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Cyber security 7 Defence

Why is cyber security important?

Cyber crimes in this world have cost more than $2 trillion and is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. So it’s essential for us to protect our digital assets from cyber criminals, in our world cyber security is not optional it has become a necessity now. It’s not just ...

todayJuly 26, 2020

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Cyber security 7 Defence

What is zero trust model?

If you are familiar with the cybersecurity space then you might have heard this name- Zero Trust. The Zero Trust Model or Zero Trust Architecture was created in 2010 by John Kindervag. It simply means not to trust anyone both inside and outside of the network. DON’T TRUST ANYONE! Organisations should never ...

todayJuly 25, 2020

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Cyber security 7 Defence

Defining Cyber security, Risk, vulnerabilities & threats

Cyber Security is the protection of computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. Vulnerability means weaknesses or gaps in a security program that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to an asset. Threat is anything that can exploit a vulnerability, intentionally or accidentally, and ...