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todayDecember 18, 2020

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Antheus Tecnologia Biometric Data Breach

Security researchers have uncovered a massive data breach at the Brazilian company Antheus Tecnologia, which produces and sells biometric solutions both in Brazil and internationally. The data was discovered on an unsecured server including 76,000 unique fingerprints, emails from company employees, telephone numbers and more. The server did not store ...

todayDecember 18, 2020

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Royal Dutch Cycling Union attacked by Ransomware

Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU), the national governing body for cycling in Netherlands announced a data breach involving stolen data from its database consisting of members, personal and contact details on November 27, 2020. KNWU organizes cycling events and competitions in the Netherlands, providing a roster of benefits, discounts, cycling ...

todayOctober 2, 2020

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ALERT!! New Android Spyware found Posing As Telegram And Threema App

A hacking group which was notorious in 2017, has recently been found impersonating legitimate messaging apps such as Telegram and Threema to infect Android devices with a new malware. “Compared to the versions documented in 2017, Android/SpyC23.A has extended spying functionality, including reading notifications from messaging apps, call recording and ...